July 26, 2010

Green Goes With Everything

Mmmm...I love the smell of fresh books.  Opening the crisp pages, barely bending the tight binding and breathing in the delicious scent.  I don't even know how to describe what the smell is exactly...new paper, dried ink, stuffy packaging?  Anyway, I say that because I just received two brand new books from Amazon: Grocery Gardening: Planting, Preparing and Preserving Fresh Food and Green Goes with Everything: Simple Steps to a Healthier Life and a Cleaner Planet.  As you know one of my "steps to going green" is to start a garden!  This is one of those extremely intimidating steps.  I don't want to start and then end up with a bunch of dead plants.  I truly have to work hard at keeping my single flower pot from turning completely brown.
I kind of look at a garden as another child, and with three of them under the age of 4...I think I have enough to keep me busy for a while.  BUT!  When the day comes, that I am ready to take on this intimidating endeavor (hopefully next year), I want to be prepared.  So I thought I'd start with something practical, learning how to grow food I'll actually eat and cook with!  As of yet, I haven't done much more with it then sniff it's binding.
I have, however, actually read a bit of one my five books I'm trying to glean from (why do I try and read them all at the same time?).  Green Goes with Everything is PACKED with great information on "greening" every area of your life, with an extensive resources section, filled with great online sites to check out.  Information on everything from Activated Carbon Filters to Oprah Winfrey (really). This is one of those guides that takes a while to chew through.  So I'm going to do a bit more chewing and a little less sniffing so I can spread the love and share some goodies with you... keep your eyes peeled for them.  Or, buy yourself a copy and share some of your own thoughts with us.  After enjoying the aroma of course!


  1. I hope you enjoy Grocery Gardening! If you have any gardening questions, hop on over to our Grocery Gardening Facebook page or the @grocerygarden twitter account.

    Remember, start small and go for easy wins by growing things like lettuce, strawberries, beans, etc. Being successful in the beginning makes it FAR more enjoyable! :)

  2. Wow, thanks for the comment! I've actually started reading Grocery Gardening and I love it! I really like simple design and bold pictures, the look alone captured me but the content backs it up strongly too! ;) I'm much more excited to start growing my own food! I'll be sure to follow you on facebook and twitter. Thanks again!


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