June 21, 2010

Zach & Jen Neese: A Post on Parenting

Three ladies in the DFW area started a blog called destiny in bloom, with many contributing writers (like my dear friends Zach and Jen Neese).  From topics on self-image to motherhood and parenting, DestinyinBloom.com is a great place to go for encouragement!  
"This blog started like a flutter in our hearts that turned into a dream that inspired us to live out loud and put in words all that He (God) has done in our hearts that has changed our lives.  We hope that in these words you find encouragement and hope." - DestinyinBloom.com
Zach Neese is on the pastoral staff at our church and Jen is the lovely, super-woman mother to their six children!  They have hearts of gold and lots of experience... so check out their post on parenting: I Know What's Causing That.

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