February 29, 2012

Love Food Hate Waste (Repost!)

I posted this almost a year and a half ago and thought a repost was worth it!  Lots of great recipes, tips and fresh ideas...check it out!

Tired of throwing out those bad bananas and dinner leftovers?  Love Food Hate Waste site is packed full of great information on storing, freezing, and preserving your food and the recipe section is what I get most excited about ... awesome recipes to use up those eggs, bread crumbs, onions, lentils and so much more, before they go bad.  Save yourself some time by making two meals out of one.
You may even want to jump on the "Food Waste Friday" band wagon and start blogging your weekly waste.  I can see the benefits, it may really help to start eliminating your food waste when you realize you're going to have to post it for the world to see each week!  Who knows, maybe I'll start doing it too...

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