June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day All You Dads!

Father's Day breaks down into so many facets for me these days.  Of course I have the joy of honoring my own father; I'm one of four reasons why he gets to be celebrated on this day!  I have my husband who deserves celebration for being such a great daddy to my three precious girls.  Making cards from his two preschoolers and signing all three of our daughter's names on the bottom.  And of course helping the princesses make their grand-dad's some cards too.  I also get to love on my father-in-law on this day.  Whew!  So much celebrating!!!  I know that I am so blessed to have such wonderful men in my life and my girls lives as well.  And what do we do to bless and honor these men?  Splattered paint on white card stock; hand prints and scribbles; thoughtful Hallmark words; lunch out; family dinner; gift cards and ties... so many ways to show our love for the wonderful dads in our lives.  Just remember, all the cards and gifts fade away.  Food is great, but it passes too... I think what each of our men can appreciate every day is our respect and love.  So spend some time this weekend showing some R-E-S-P-E-C-T and L-O-V-E.  Be creative and watch those gifts speak deeper and go farther than anything you buy for them at a store!

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  1. Very beautiful Alycia! You truly have a daughters heart!

    Love ya Dad


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