May 4, 2010

True Freebies!

Update: The lightbulbs website isn't up anymore. I'm not sure if this is a scam or not, I haven't had any issues, but haven't received any bulbs yet either.  I won't promote anything I'm not sure about.  The other "freebie" is completely legit, I went through the entire process myself.

2 Free Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
Go to and sign up for your 2 free light bulbs!  I did it today and received a confirmation email that they are on their way.  Everything seems legitimate, I heard about this through a great source too (thanks Becky!).  Check out their site, they are really informative and have a great mission. 

Free Home Energy Efficiency Program

Oncor Energy is currently offering a totally cost free, no "gimmicks," energy efficiency program for most homes built before 2002.

In case you're wondering if your energy company is covered, Oncor Energy supplies most of the larger energy companies, so don't be afraid to call and ask, you will probably qualify.

Oncor's authorized contractor, "Energy Misers Inc." came to our home a few days ago, and inspected all of our air conditioners as well as all of the vents for overall efficiency and leaks. They caulked each and every vent and intake throughout the entire house, weather stripped all the doors and windows, and added insulation behind every outlet!

They did not attempt to sell us anything. They left a detailed report as to the overall efficiency of our air conditioning system. The company, "Energy Misers, Inc." is reimbursed by "Oncor Energy," not the homeowner.  They test the air loss before and after they fix the problems and we significantly improved our numbers! He said we should expect to see at least a 20% reduction in our electric bill.
If you're interested, call them to set up an appointment for "Duct Efficiency."  I called and they scheduled me for almost two months out, but than called and said they had a cancellation, so I was able to get it done before the baby (yay!)... but I recommend calling as soon as you can because they are booking up fast and they only have so much money budgeted for this year.

Energy Misers, Inc.
817.473.9777 or 
Toll-Free 877 571-4203

If you do call please tell them you were referred by me, Alycia Mantooth!

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