May 17, 2010

The Power Nap

The Power Nap... ahhh, what a beautiful thing!  I find myself using this little "secret weapon" more and more as I get older and have more children!  It is an awesome energy booster for mothers, students, business women, anyone who has only a few minutes in the day and needs a little boost to keep you going throughout your busy life.  According to wikihow here is the correct way to power nap:

  1. Find a good place to nap (limit light, distractions)
  2. I've heard to try and elevate your feet above your heart (propped up)
  3. Set your alarm for 15 minutes (only if you fall asleep right away, it usually takes me about 10 minutes to fall asleep, so I would set my alarm for 25 minutes.  Or use a free application if you have an iPhone, such as Happy Nap that measures your breathing to determine when you're napping cycle is finished)
  4. Get up as soon as your alarm goes off (no snoozing, put your alarm across the room if you have to!)
    • "What you're doing during a power nap is capturing the benefits of the first two of the five stages in the sleep cycle. These first two stages take place in the first twenty minutes. In addition to making you feel more rested and alert, the electrical signals in your nervous system strengthen the connection between neurons involved in muscle memory, making your brain work faster and more accurately."[source]
  5. Get your blood flowing with a few jumping jacks, wash your face, or get in some sunlight to wake you up fully.  
  6. Enjoy the energy!

Here is an interesting website that is a great tool to help you find out when is the best time to power nap.

Here are also a few more natural ways to boost your energy levels:

  1. Taking a vitamin B6 once a day.
  2. Snacking on wholesome foods rather than high sugar treats: the mix of carbs and protein and wholesome calories will keep you full longer and your sugar level more balanced.
  3. Move!  Even light stretching gets your blood flowing, getting your heart rate up a little will  give your body a little boost.
  4. Stay hydrated.  Dehydration can cause fatigue.
  5. Check out this energy bar recipe from Sara Snow.

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