May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

To all you mother's out there, I pray this is a beautiful day of celebrating you because you deserve it!!!  

I was able to take my mom and mom-in-law out yesterday for a celebration.  We went to The Melting Pot and enjoyed a delicious cheese and  chocolate fondue.  Mmmm.  Then I gave them their gifts ... I was so giddy about their gifts all week!  I couldn't wait for them to open up their cute little bags and see the gorgeous NuVintage jewelry inside!!!  We had a blast just talking and loving on each other.  It was awesome!
This week was full of wonderful things!  My mom-in-law gave us a huge bag FULL of newborn baby clothes (which I was really needing since I gave most of mine away after Neeci grew out of them).  And the best part is that every hat, blanket, towel, gown, dress, romper and onesie is 100% Organic (and very cute)!!!  She found all of the items at T.J.Maxx or Marshall's!  I didn't even know they carried organic baby clothes.  And she informed me that they just started getting in organic clothes for toddlers+ too!  I will definitely be taking a trip out there myself soon!  (Thanks Mom!)

My sister and brother-in-law graduated this week as well.  Very exciting for them!  "Congrats guys!"  I took the girls with me to the graduation (which actually went better than I expected, even though we tore through a whole bag of animal crackers to keep them still and quiet).  They were so excited to celebrate with "Aunt Rae and Uncle Aaron."  

It's been a wonderful week full of events and excitement as well as some much-needed rest!  I think we are officially "ready" for baby Addie to arrive.  I have finished all the laundry and cleaning and stocking the freezer and cupboards... so now we wait!  I am so ready to see her tiny face and hold her (on the outside)!  I have had enough people ask me if I'm having twins... it's time!  =)  I'll be sure to blog with pictures as soon as I can after she makes her princess debut into the world!  Until then, may every Graduate be blessed, and every Mother loved and pampered this weekend!! 


  1. Alycia!!! i am so proud of you! Yuo are a kick butt Mommy and honoring Jesus as well is so great! Love you lady!!

  2. Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement!


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