May 27, 2010

Baby Adalyn

Adalyn Grace finally made her big debut: 
May 17th | 10:20pm | 7lbs. 8oz., 19 3/4" long! 

She is the perfect little mixture of her two older, very proud sisters. We've been enjoying her tiny toes and long fingers. She sleeps so much, I can actually get a nap in with all the girls! (choir sings "Hallelujah"). Thanks to all our family and friends for the "well-wishes," visits and meals. We are so blessed by all of you! We have been settling in well at home, no jealousy issues so far! Now we are just trying to rest and get some strength back! Please bare with me through this season, my blogging may slow down for a time, I'm sure most of you understand! But I will be sure to post all of the wonderful discoveries and experiences we have as soon as I can!

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