April 14, 2010

ToysRus/BabiesRus Sale!

If you haven't checked out organicdeals.blogspot.com do it today!  Through that awesome site I found out about this awesome deal that lead me to buy a bag full of 7th Generation cleaning products (and a few BabyGanics products) for less than $10!!!  This week at Toys/BabiesRUs all BabyGanics is B1G1Free and 7th Generation is B1G1 1/2 off!  There is also a huge clearance on most 7th Generation products, they're ringing up at $1.98 each, plus you can still use coupons... woohoo!  I can't contain my excitement!  I found a few stragglers in the clearance section and bought those too (as well as a few diapers, with coupons).  Kiss My Face also had a few clearance items, so I picked up a Detangler for free (used a $2 off coupon) and then bought a few Jason Kids products for $1.98 each!  Just exciting stuff.  Check out this page all about the sale, and then link to a few coupons to print for yourself!  Hurry, I don't know when this sale ends!

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