April 16, 2010

My Very First Garage Sale... Will Have to Wait

I had planned everything to hold my very first garage sale, but my husband and I decided that this is not the best time for our family to try and make that happen (we only have 5 weeks left before our due date, and our schedule is already jam-packed).  So I went ahead and deleted my online (free) ads for the garage sale and plan to return my $.39 poster boards to target (and wooden sign sticks to my mom).  I planned to donate 50% of all the proceeds to a local charity, but since that won't be happening, we are going to donate all of the actual household items we were going to sell to the charity (and Goodwill).
So instead of holding a sale this weekend, we are going to spend a few hours cleaning out the attic and garage (the only parts of my house I haven't already scoured through) and either throw away, donate or post (big items) on craigslist to sell.  I can't wait to see my garage and attic cleaned and organized!  I also decided to try and get a few bucks for the clothes we need to get rid of by taking them to a resale shop and putting the money towards our last minute baby needs.  Whatever doesn't sell will be loaded up in the truck with the rest of the donations.
One day I will have pictures and experiences of my first garage sale to share with you... until then...

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