April 7, 2010

My Favorite Pregnancy Places

I woke up bright and early, and couldn't fall back asleep (which is unusual since I've been so exhausted this third trimester)... that's when it hit me.  The nesting has begun.  I couldn't stop my brain from going a million miles an hour, and had to literally focus on calming myself down before I freaked out that "We only have six weeks left and nothing is READY?!"  Whew.  I made it through that brief anxiety attack and have spent the rest of the day finding the best deals online for the basics I need to purchase; scouring the internet for useful resources; and planning my meal-freezing for after the delivery.  Haha!  It's crazy how fast it comes on!  I was so relaxed up until today... but maybe you too can benefit from my craziness.  Here are some really useful resources I've used, some since my first pregnancy!

Ever since I got pregnant with my first baby (4 years ago) I have been using babycenter.com.  This is a great site that helps you track your pregnancy, baby and toddler growth, for each child!  I now have a 3 1/4 year old, a 23 month old and a 31 week pregnancy being tracked.  I get updates in my e-mailbox (if I choose), and the site is full of great articles, discussions and tools.  They also have a great green living section full of tips and tools.

I just found thebump.com.  I love their pregnancy checklist which covers everything you will need to do from conception to delivery, as well as their pregnancy and parenting tools.  They have some great resources, so check it out for yourself.  I find the "What To Buy for Baby" checklist very helpful for this third time around.  It's been a little while, and since we're having another girl I don't need to buy quite as much stuff this time around, so this has helped me stay on course.  Here is a great article on going green during your pregnancy.

Check out lilaguide.com.  This is a great site that I've just found.  Set the city to the nearest, largest city to you and then you can check out events in your area, find reviews on popular products left by other parents, and more.

Since I'm now in my third trimester, I have found these tips on freezing foods really helpful.  Here are some great freezable recipes too.  I like to spice it up, I know that we will always eat italian - lasagna and chicken tetrazini, or mexican - burritos and enchildas, but I wanted to find some other really good recipes that we would eat and were a bit different.  I purchased some disposable tins to freeze in so that I wouldn't use up my glass dishes.  I also LOVED the tip of lining your glass casserole dishes with heavy-duty aluminum foil, assemble your casserole, freeze, then remove the foil and place in a heavy-duty freezer bag.  Place back in glass dish to thaw and cook.  Now I'm stocked for a few weeks after the delivery and I'm getting the nursery and my hospital bag finished... yay!  What a great feeling.  Next is to tackle the attics and have a garage sale (ugh!).  I'll let you know how that goes.  Please share any advice you have with a mom very reluctant to "yard-sale."

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