April 19, 2010

My "Busy Woman's" Quiet Time

I woke up the other morning and felt like God just whispered to my spirit that He missed me.  I realized I had let life get the best of me again... it had probably been a whole week since I'd really sat down and just spent some time with my Saviour.
This has always been the greatest struggle for me, consistency in my quiet times.  For me I battle the perfectionist mindset even in what is supposed to be a special time to just build my relationship with my Jesus.  I set these guidelines, whether it's the actual amount of time I spend each morning in prayer or worship; if I'm writing in my journal each day or following a devotional journal; or digging into the Word through study.  If I don't meet this self-prescribed criteria than I'm not having a "real quiet time."  I know that is never the way to think, but it's almost a sub-conscience train of thought I have to break.
God reminded me that this next season of my life is going to be a hectic one, with the birth of our third baby girl just a few weeks away.  I remember with my first two, it felt like I would never be able to enjoy my early morning quietness again. I was sleeping every chance I got and when I was awake I was so needed by everyone and everything.
So He said to start meditating on the Word.  Pick a scripture and memorize it.  Whether that takes a day or a week, just focus on it, put it up around the house and meditate on it throughout the day.  I spent a few weeks doing this last summer... just focusing on memorizing scripture (which I'm sad to say I haven't yet made a habit), and it changed my whole perspective!  I found ways to apply the Word to every situation throughout my day and it kept my mind focused on Jesus all day long.
This is my "busy woman's" plan for staying focused on Jesus even in the most hectic of life's seasons.


  1. Wow, that was so encouraging to read. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks Rebekah! I'm glad you were encouraged, you encouraged me as well - you are my first comment!

  3. Haha! Now you have two :) I was telling Brady about your post and it started a big conversation on devotions and God. It was really great, so thank you for helping us grow deeper in Him!


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