April 25, 2010

My "baby" Turned Two!

Happy Birthday Neeci!

We had so much fun celebrating with Neeci at Rainforest Cafe Friday night.  We didn't really do anything "green," except that I made little flower-lollipop bouquets for favors from the leftover flower lollipops from Kailyn's third birthday (her theme was Candy Land, so I'm still trying to get rid of starlight mints and other random candies!).  I purchased some balloons and brought my own used, sparkly weights to reuse.  And I carried all our gifts and goodies into the restaurant in my newly acquired Aldi reusable grocery bag.

Haha, okay, so this isn't really a post about being more green or gracious for that matter, just a chance to show off my beautiful babies.  Here's a few pictures from our fun evening... love you Neeci!!

If you want to see more pictures, check out my Facebook page!

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