April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Even though this is the 40th anniversary of celebrating Earth Day, this is my first time really recognizing it!
I started the week off on Sunday getting a free reusable tote at Target (woohoo)!  You can get one from Red Gold before May 7th!
I had my 36 week doctors visit for me and baby (we're so close).
Started trying to finish potty training =).  That's always exciting, and full of surprises.  Less diapers, better Earth!
My heart was hoping to get my tiny herb garden started and plant a tree with my girls... but I haven't been able to do that before Earth day, so we're making it our goal for May.  I want some yummy fresh herbs and a tree really does benefit so many things; they love playing in the dirt.  Win win.
Since I'm already on this journey of being greener, I'm not going to go to crazy over one day, and just continue doing what I'm doing.  One way is to green up my makeup... check out this site from EcoTools offering 2 free makeup brushes just by mailing your old ones in!!!

Whatever you end up doing on Earth Day, April 22 ... I hope it's fun and helps make it more fun for your whole family going green!  Be sure to check out magazines, online coupon printing sites and your local stores and papers for many environmentally-friendly and organic coupons and deals this month!  Let me know what you did this Earth Day!

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