April 23, 2010

Going Green...Update!

I wrote a blog a few weeks back about where to start going green, so here is a little update on where we are!
We have officially switched to recycled toilet paper!  We have only tried two brands, CVS brand and Walmart's White Cloud - we are completely sold on Walmart's brand!  It's cheaper than most and we can't tell any difference in softness between that and what we used to use.  Here's a more in depth blog on recycled toilet paper.
I have been much better at bringing my reusable bags into the store and I've collected a few more (free)!
I've replaced almost all of our household cleaning and personal cleaning products (diapers too).  I have made a few things on my own, but I've been slowly stocking up on deals for as many products as possible and looking for common products that are low in chemicals (check on cosmetics database) and using coupons with good weekly sales.  I've also started switching over my makeup and started a master list of products (rated 0-3) to look for while I'm shopping.  Look for a future blog on my makeup makeover.
I have started recycling my hangers by dropping them off at the cleaners when we go (my husband really likes the dry clean, crisp look and I found out that our cleaners cleans organically)!
I'm planning to make a huge trip to Goodwill this weekend and donate a lot of our used household items that could benefit someone else.  I'm still looking for ways to reuse all of my old magazines without having to dump them in the recycling bin.
I'm still working on,

  • a more advanced recycling center at home
  • starting a garden (I'm only going to start with some low maintenance herbs)
  • composting
  • slowly switching all food (esp. meat and produce) to local/organic
  • limiting our food waste

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