April 30, 2010

Are You Listening?

Last night my husband and I went to our churches' live worship recording at Gateway Church!  It was awesome and crazy!  We went with our pre-printed, early admission tickets and still stood behind probably 500 people outside for 45 minutes waiting for the doors to open (and my huge belly bulging, and feet aching).  They even had Chick-fil-a cart strolling up and down the line offering sandwiches, chips and water.  I must have looked huge and uncomfortable because the lady gave me a free water and said she felt my pain.  Sometimes there are perks to being pregnant!
After the lights went down and the atmosphere began to get intense with anticipation; the worship began and it was pretty incredible.  You'll be able to be a part once the CD/DVD is released in a few months (can't wait to relive it!).  
Then Pastor Robert Morris came up during intermission and told us to hold out our hands.  In our hands represented the sin that we just felt we couldn't get free from on our own.  We held it up to God and believed that He would set us free that night!  I whispered into my hands "hesitating when God says go," then I started to think, "okay, now how do I walk in freedom?"  Automatically my little brain began another list of things I needed to do to be free... and then I felt like God spoke straight to my heart, "You don't have to learn how to walk in freedom, just learn how to walk in Me."  Wow!  Miracle moment for me... Thank you God!  That alone is freedom to me, because I'm always trying to figure everything out and do things the best way.  And right then, God showed me the simple truth that I'd probably learned a thousand times before, but it went straight to my heart. 
I can't figure everything out, I'm not supposed to!  I just have to walk every day with Jesus, try to be as much like Him as possible... and He will help me take care of all the rest!  Amen.
So we ended the night with praise and then crashed because we were so exhausted from a wearing week of running all over the place!  But even in the most unexpected times, God wants to speak to your heart, and share His Truth and Freedom with you... are you listening?!

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