October 2, 2010

Green-Fruity Breakfast Smoothie

I have really enjoyed making these smoothies for breakfast about twice a week.

Handful of Kale, Spinach, Collards or Lettuce
Juice (or water)
Protein Powder (optional)
Green Powder (optional) - Veggies, spirulina, etc.
Frozen and/or fresh fruits
Flax Seed

I don't have any amounts labeled because I eye everything by texture.  If it seems to thick, add more juice or water; too runny, add more frozen fruit or ice; too ice-y, add more yogurt to make it creamier!  I usually make enough for two full glasses with a little extra, and it fills almost the entire blender.  So if you are just making one glass for yourself, I would fill all ingredients up to the half way mark, and make adjustments as you go!

I throw whatever raw greens I have in the blender with some juice (any kind is fine) and chop up until blended.  Then I throw in the powders and blend some more.  Next is the frozen fruits.  May need to add more liquid to blend throughly.  Then the flax seed, honey and yogurt (and any other ingredients you feel like adding).  Blend until smooth and drink immediately!  Enjoy the creamy, fresh, fruity taste and healthy, green benefits!

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