February 25, 2010

Pangea Organics

Update: I finally received my purchases (pictured) and shared my thoughts on each at the end of this post.

I found a great new website, loaded with great deals and also some awesome links (to blogs and other great resources).  Enjoy checking it our for yourself at Organic Deals and Coupons.
One of the great deals I was able to take advantage of was an online sale at Pangea Organics.

I ordered:
  • 2 Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom Lip Balms
  • French Rosemary with Sweet Orange Facial Toner
  • Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom Body Lotion
  • Plus got 3 free samples of my choice
  • They snuck in a little piece of dark chocolate to "sweeten the deal"
All for $26.15 (taxed/shipped)!!!  That's all for the price of one regular priced Toner (which are 30% off right now)!

I think the deal is still going on click here to find out for yourself.  I'll update and let you know what I think about the products once I get them in!  What's even better?  I checked out Pangea Organics at Cosmetics Database and all their products are levels 0-3!!!  Safe products are what I'm most excited about replacing throughout our home!  We are slowly on our way!

Update: I love the lip balms, very mild scent (I like), really protects dry, chapped lips.  I enjoy the sweet scent of the toner, it is so refreshing.  I didn't know it was a spray, but I like that much more... you can even spray on your legs and chest, it's extremely refreshing.  The lotion has a mild scent (same as the lip balms).  My husband thinks it's nice, a bit "lemony."  My first impression was that the lotion has a slightly "watery" texture, not a thick, creamy lotion.  It soaks in quickly, and it's grown on me.  I've used it on my daughter's sensitive skin and it's already helped her dry skin/rash clear up!  My samples were Turkish Rose and White Tea Eye Cream which has really softened and moisturized my eyes, the scent is nice too.  Italian White Sage, Geranium and Yarrow Body Wash, I wasn't crazy about the scent but can't say why exactly except that's it's just not me.  It wasn't bad, or medicinal, but not really my favorite.  It also didn't lather quite as much as I like, but I wouldn't let that stop me from using a safer, lower-chemical body wash.  Lastly, I sampled the Himalayan Geranium and Pomegranate Balancing Oil.  I like how it felt on my face, soaked in quickly.  I'm not sure that I feel/see a huge difference after one use (of course), but I liked it.
I definitely think Pangea Organics products are good all around, but on the pricier/luxurious side.  I would recommend keeping eyes peeled for specials, coupons and discounts and then stocking up!  It's well worth the price, but I'm still trying some other options that are a little more budget-friendly.

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